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Lacey Wootten
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   Lacey is a fearless stylist that has been crafting hair in Nashville since 2010. From seamless extensions, dimensional blonde techniques, or kaleidoscope vivid colors, she thrives on hair challenges. She is exceptional at sculpting hair into elaborate up styles for any occasion where distinction is required. As a member of the LQBTQIA+ community, Lacey understands the nuanced relationship between hair, gender, and identity. Tight fades? Yes. Asymmetrical undercuts? Yes. Natural curls? Yes. Rapunzel cosplayers? Bring it on. Lacey is eager to help you tailor your look to who you are today, and always ready with fresh inspiration as you become your future self.
Disclaimer: Don’t let the spooky aesthetic and RBF fool you, she’s all rainbows and Disney underneath!

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